Day of reflection on the Strategic Plan for Regional Economic Development in Lea-Artibai

Ane Miren Martínez and Alberto Vázquez, from KREAN, support the Leartibai Foundation in the day of reflection on the "Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan".

The Leartibai Foundation contracted KREAN to carry out the DIAGNOSIS AND INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PLAN TO BOOST THE ECONOMIC INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEA-ARTIBAI REGION. During the course of the assignment, Ane Miren and Alberto held interviews with the highest representatives of the municipalities in the region, as well as with the main industrial companies. During the work, the main actions were identified and a Prioritisation Plan was proposed, which will enable the region's industrial economic activity to be boosted. At the conference, which brought together municipal representatives and companies, the Prioritisation Plan was discussed and the guidelines for its implementation were established. In the following phases, we have made ourselves available to the Foundation to help with the implementation of the Actions.

In the words of the KREAN team "It has been a different and very rewarding job. Another good example of the fact that, by adding capacities, we are capable of developing complex work within the reach of few companies".

The participating municipalities and companies were: Etxebarria municipality, Eika, Launik, Miba, Nemak, Barrenetxe, Markina Xemein municipality, Ziortza Bolibar municipality, Fagor, Lekoizpe, Hezilan, Itsaskorda, Transkatillu, Leartiker, Berriatua municipality, Cikautxo, Kide, Ondarroa municipality, Pescados Llorente, Arrankoba, Pescados Urpeko, ONARE, Lekeitio municipality, Ispaster municipality, Munitibar municipality, Aulesti municipality, Gizaburuaga municipality, Blux, Burdinola, Okamikako poligonoa, Igo, Amoroto municipality.




KREAN has signed the design, execution project, works direction and construction management of this new Mondrago

The Krean architect considers that the design of a building necessarily requires knowing in advance what is going to happen inside it

The Hospital San Juan de Dios has entrusted KREAN with the drafting of the execution project and the works direction for