Be part of the change

Join a project that has an eye on the future. A passionate team that progresses and makes progress with attitude and a non-conformist perspective.

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented people who want to play a leading role in building a future that is constantly evolving, being part of a co-creative environment with a myriad of goals to achieve. 

We strive to build a multidisciplinary team capable of achieving the unachievable, of surpassing the unsurpassable.

Join us. Grow. Expose your abilities.


Job offers available

María Lopez de Bergara

Technical Office

We work as a team where we all learn from each other

Ander Hernández

Engineering at DIARADESIGN

Our diverse projects allow us to grow on a daily basis

María Peralta

Head of ICT at KREAN

The convergence of youth and experience makes us grow

Andoni Azpiazu

Financial Department

Cooperativism is the main focus of my experience and professional development

Irantzu Mugarza

City and Regional Department

I place great value on the balance between my work and my family life

Jokin Urteaga

Industrial Projects Manager

Each infrastructure is a tailor-made suit that we design as a team

Joxe Oleaga


Every design that becomes reality is the beginning of a new project

Juan Carlos Nieto

CAD development

Even the smallest project has an exciting complexity

Nieves Barahona

People Manager

We are renowned for our commitment to communication and transparency