We move forward with ECOPV and MULTIPV, two projects supported by the Basque Government HAZITEK

HAZITEK is the aid programme to support business R&D, co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027.

The ECOPV project, developed in collaboration with JEMA, develops economically viable energy storage and management solutions for photovoltaic plants, has received aid from this programme in 2023, the year in which verifications of potential technical solutions have been carried out.

The overall objective of the MULTIPV project is to carry out the necessary research and development to create new advanced technologies for multifunctional photovoltaic modules and systems that enable the integration of photovoltaic technology in buildings and infrastructures to produce renewable electrical energy close to the consumption centres, taking advantage of the areas already built. Likewise, in a transversal manner, the objective is to create and favour the communication of a Basque business environment that can respond to the new demands of renewable electricity generation in urban and infrastructures environments, acquiring the necessary knowledge that will enable them to position themselves at the forefront of this sector.




On 17 January 2024, the final approval of the Special Plan for the Ekienea photovoltaic park in Lacorzana, in the municipality of Armiñón, Araba, was published in the BOTH

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum celebrates the milestone of the placement of the first V-shaped pillar of the structure for its extension.

The LANDA BIZIA proposal by KREAN has been awarded 2nd prize in the competition for projects with jury participation, organi