Refurbishment of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santurtzi

The Hospital San Juan de Dios has entrusted KREAN with the drafting of the execution project and the works direction for the refurbishment of the operating theatres and the renovation of the external image and the air-conditioning installation of the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santurtzi, Bizkaia.

Due to the age of the installation and regulatory changes, it is necessary to modify the current air-conditioning system in order to adapt it to current regulations and the foreseen needs. The location of the new operating theatre and sterilisation air-conditioning units must be located outside the main building, and due to the size of this equipment generating a significant visual impact, as it is a protected building, it is proposed to integrate the new volume with an element in accordance with the characteristics of the project, also serving as acoustic protection, so that the protected areas are not affected.

The envelope is developed with a double skin, consisting of an acoustic panel and a perforated and folded Corten steel sheet cladding, which conceals the installations and offers a new image to the outside.

Corten steel is a material associated with renovation work and it is common to see historic buildings with new interventions in this material. In addition, the image of the hospital is enhanced as the new façade acts as a support for the corporate image by incorporating the logo and corporeal lettering. In addition, a new night-time illumination of the façades is also incorporated.




KREAN has signed the design, execution project, works direction and construction management of this new Mondrago

Ane Miren Martínez and Alberto Vázquez, from KREAN, support the Leartibai Foundation in the day of reflection on the "Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan".

The Krean architect considers that the design of a building necessarily requires knowing in advance what is going to happen inside it