KREAN takes part in the Basque Circular Summit

Azucena Marquínez, City and Regional Director at  KREAN, has taken part in the round table on technical solutions for Climate Adaptation.

Programme - Basque Circular Summit

We are living through a tremendously challenging moment in European history, where climate change and the availability of resources are shaping the future of the European economy and the rest of the world more than ever before, while at the same time we are trying to recover from the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to these challenges, Europe has decided to commit to the Green Pact, aimed at transforming our society and making the EU a modern, resource-efficient, competitive and fair economy.

The international framework for Climate Change Adaptation requires regions to develop their plans to minimise climate risks in coastal, river, agro-forestry, urban and critical infrastructure.

Among the most important instruments for accelerating this challenge, in which KREAN has extensive experience, is spatial planning, with its Partial and Sectorial Regional Plans. KREAN also advises public sector companies on green public procurement and is committed to climate change mitigation as part of the private sector.

The comprehensive solutions offered by KREAN require a collaboration among the agents that manage and simulate data, evaluate the most environmentally, economically and socially appropriate innovative solutions, plan, design and execute them, while at the same time ensuring the best governance of these solutions.

Appropriate climate governance through transformative initiatives is already building demonstration projects that can deliver an eco-innovative service offer.

The round table, moderated by Mariluz Gomez, from IHOBE, was also attended by AZTI, Tecnali and Predictia. It addressed, among other issues, how to build a range of advanced, environmentally and economically optimal integrated solutions to reduce climate risks in local environments.





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