Beyond certification

KREAN has established itself as a benchmark company within the group of engineering companies linked to the construction sector, thanks to its hallmark qualities: Reliability, Responsibility and Professional Ethics.

KREAN is committed to structuring and ensuring the level of quality of the service offered, based on the implementation of an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Ecodesign and Health and Safety at Work, in accordance with ISO-9001, ISO 14001, ISO 14006, ISO 45001 and WELL standards.

KREAN Integrated Management System is certified in its professional services division (KREAN, S.COOP and LKS KREAN ECS, SL):

ISO 9001: QUALITY MANAGEMENT in design and development of Industry and Energy, Architecture, Urbanisation and Civil Works projects, site management, construction works management and integrated project and works management.

ISO 14001: ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT in the design and development of Industry, Energy, Architecture, Urbanisation and Civil Works projects.

ISO 14006: PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE DESIGN MANAGEMENT (ECODESIGN) in design and development of Building projects: Residential and Architectural.

ISO 45001: OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY in the design and development of Industrial, Energy, Architectural, Urbanisation and Civil Engineering projects.


The integrated management system is based on the following pillars:

  • The identification of risks and customer requirements, as well as the application of the criteria of the relevant administrations..
  • The planning of actions, procedures... to mitigate the risks, and offer a quality service and guarantee the necessary profitability and satisfaction of the clients and people of KREAN.
  • Guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements and service quality standards defined by KREAN.
  • Continuous improvement, derived from the internal control processes and the improvement, standardization and digitization actions defined by KREAN.

At KREAN we identify the different interest groups and the procedures to achieve their objectives, in accordance with the following PROCESS MAP:

Mapa de procesos

Essential procedures and instructions for excellent projects.


  • Launch of the project
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Building Project and City and Territory
  • Construction management
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Environmental management
  • Project Management
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Purchasing and Subcontracting
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Commercial action and offers
  • Closing of Projects
  • Gestión de Personas
  • People Management
  • Billing and Non-payment Management
  • Documentary control
  • IME Equipment Control
  • Internal audits
  • Strategic thinking

All our procedures are deployed from the Corporate Intranet.

Intranet calidad Intranet calidad Intranet calidad

Quality politics

Quality politics

KREAN Quality





Un proyecto de KREAN auditado por la propia naturaleza

A KREAN project audited by nature itself

We are very happy with the way the solutions we have provided against the flooding of the river Zadorra have worked. We have been able to do our bit to prevent damage to the public, and we are happy to be able to share it.

Mención de Honor a la calidad de servicio de KREAN

Honourable Mention for KREAN's quality of service

The “Caja Mágica” of Madrid City Council, managed by Madrid Espacios y Congresos, and KREAN received an honourable mention from the panel of judges of the AEDIP "Asociación Española de Dirección Integrada de proyecto" (Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management).

Un ejemplo del buen hacer de KREAN en el ámbito logístico

An example of KREAN's expertise in logistics

KREAN has applied its integrated quality system to the project, project and site management, also obtaining BREEAM certification for the logistics platform for Lidl located in the industrial estate of Los Llanos, in Iruña de Oca, Álava.